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High Carbon Steel katana

Ninjato sword Featured a hand forged

Ab katana Chinese Swords hand made abkatana ab301
NINJATO abkatana high carbon steel ab302
NINJATO abkatana high carbon steel ab302
Sale price$156.00
Folded Steel Japanese Samurai Full Tang Dragon Sword Clay Tempered Blade Handmade abk303
Japanense Katana Bat Sword kokushibo sword abkatana304
1060 high carbon black steel Katana item rengoku sword abk306
japanese Samurai Dragon Swords Set tanjiro sword abk308

AbKatana brand

hand forge

At abkatana, we weave together the artistry of ancient bladesmithing with the passion for creating exceptional swords and knives.

Abkatana.com is a premier online store that offers a wide selection of exceptional swords, delivering an unparalleled shopping experience for sword enthusiasts.

John Y.

Our brand

The Birth of a Blade

In a world where industrialized production rules, abkatana chose a different path. We are a brand born out of respect and admiration for the timeless beauty and meticulous craftsmanship of traditional swords and blades. Our journey started with a vision - to share these hand-forged treasures with a broader audience.

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