1.Q: What's the estimated delivery time after placing an order and completing payment?

A: Typically, we process and dispatch your order within 24 business hours upon payment confirmation. Crafting high-quality swords does take time, and if you've placed a custom order, the production period may be longer due to specific requirements. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding.

2.Q: Does AbKatana support Drop Shipping and Wholesale services?

A: Certainly, as a sword manufacturer, AbKatana offers both dropshipping and wholesale options. For more detailed information, you can refer to this page.

3.Q: How long does it usually take for the swords to be delivered after shipping?

A: The shipping duration typically ranges between 8 to 30 days, considering destination factors. Occasionally, unforeseen circumstances like unusual weather patterns might extend this period. Kindly note that the delivery time can vary based on your country, region, and chosen shipping method.

4.Q: Can I receive a tracking number to monitor the shipment?

A: Certainly, we provide you with a tracking number and the relevant website link. This way, you can easily monitor the status of your parcel whenever necessary.

5.Q: What's the procedure for receiving a parcel through the free postage shipping method?

A: Yes, the postal service will deliver the item to the shipping address you've provided.

6.Q: What steps should I take if I'm not available during the item's arrival?

A: The parcel will be held locally for 5-10 days upon arrival. During this time, you can collect your package. Our customer support will assist in tracking your parcel and communicate with you as needed. Please be aware that we cannot assume responsibility for parcels returned due to unchecked deliveries, incorrect or insufficient addresses. In case of resending, shipping costs will apply. If not, a refund will be issued after deducting the incurred shipping charge. Your understanding is highly valued; kindly ensure that your shipping address is as detailed as possible, along with your contact number if convenient.

7.Q: What should I do if my parcel doesn't arrive within 30 days?

A: If your parcel hasn't arrived within 20 days, please contact us promptly. We will initiate a thorough investigation. International shipping requires extra patience, as delays can occur. In the unfortunate event of loss, we will either resend the item or refund your total charges as necessary.

8.Q: Is it possible to receive sword deliveries on weekends and holidays?

A: Absolutely, we process and ship sword deliveries during weekends and holidays as well.

9.Q: How secure is the packaging for the swords?

A: Your swords are packaged within a super-thick foam box for optimal protection. This packaging boasts:

9.1High package density ensuring complete sword coverage.

9.2Extra-heavy elastic force to safeguard against external pressures. Additionally, strong adhesive tape is applied to the package exterior, enhancing waterproofing and rust-proofing measures.

10.Q: What's the recommended frequency for blade oiling?

A: Blade maintenance involves the application of new oil every six months for optimal upkeep.

Especially on a newly polished blade, more frequent oiling is crucial. This is particularly relevant if the steel may have retained some moisture. Additionally, modern polishing techniques sometimes involve the use of acids, which can be potentially hazardous. Thus, exercising caution is imperative.

A typical approach involves weekly treatment for the initial month, followed by monthly treatment over the subsequent six months. After this period, you can transition to a regular maintenance routine. If there's any uncertainty regarding the polishing process, a more frequent oiling schedule can be beneficial for preserving the blade's integrity.



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