Japanese Dargon KATANA made by abk323
Japanese Dargon KATANA made by abk323
Japanese Dargon KATANA made by abk323
Japanese Dargon KATANA made by abk323
Japanese Dargon KATANA made by abk323
Japanese Dargon KATANA made by abk323

Japanese Dargon KATANA made by abk323

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Introducing the epitome of Japanese craftsmanship, the Japanese Dragon Katana from Ab Katana Forge stands as a testament to the fusion of tradition and artistry. Handcrafted with meticulous care, this sword embodies the legacy of ancient swordsmithing techniques while embracing modern precision.


   The heart of this masterpiece lies within its blade, meticulously fashioned from folded steel. The process involves meticulously folding High Carbon Steel 13 times, resulting in an astounding 8196 layers. This intricate layering technique not only enhances the blade's strength but also grants it remarkable flexibility. The mesmerizing undulating grain pattern on the blade is a visual testament to the repeated folding and forging, showcasing the sword's artisanal origins.


   The blade's surface boasts a mirror-like finish, achieved through laborious hand polishing with multiple-grade sharpening stones, following the exacting Japanese method. A unique feature, the long Hi (grooves) on each side of the blade, not only ensures a lighter blade and audible resonance during swings but also contributes to the blade's overall balance, thus optimizing its performance.


   The tsuba, a circular guard, exudes elegance with its dragon motif, crafted from resilient alloy. This theme continues onto the Fuchi (sleeve) and Kashira (pommel), accentuating the sword's overall aesthetic. The Tsuka, or handle, is enveloped in rich red genuine SAMEGAWA (ray skin), bound by premium red cotton tsuka-ito. The juxtaposition of textures adds a tactile dimension to the handle, enhancing grip and control.


   The Saya, a meticulously crafted hardwood sheath, presents a striking contrast with its black high gloss finish. The Koiguchi, or scabbard mouth, has been meticulously hardened, ensuring both durability and security. The striking red cotton Sageo, elegantly knotted around the bright copper Kurigata (knob) of the scabbard, completes the ensemble, harmonizing form and function.


   With a dedication to authenticity, the sword features a full tang construction, reinforced by two bamboo Mekugi (pegs), offering structural integrity and longevity. Additionally, the sword can be fully disassembled and reassembled, facilitating maintenance and customization.

   In summary, the Japanese Dragon Katana from Ab Katana Forge is a blend of history, technique, and artistry. Whether displayed as a testament to the enduring craft or wielded with reverence for its functional brilliance, this sword embodies the essence of Japanese tradition and martial spirit.


Overall Length: 40.9"

Blade Length: 27.7"

Handle Length: 10.5"

   This sword comes complete with a complimentary sword bag, a symbol of our commitment to delivering excellence in every facet of the katana's journey from forge to hand.

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