Katana sword  hand forged 1095 High Carbon steel abk327
Katana sword  hand forged 1095 High Carbon steel abk327
Katana sword  hand forged 1095 High Carbon steel abk327
Katana sword  hand forged 1095 High Carbon steel abk327

Katana sword hand forged 1095 High Carbon steel abk327

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Indulge in the age-old art of Japanese sword-making with the extraordinary Katana sword from Abkatana Forge. Meticulously handcrafted, this Katana is a testament to the timeless techniques that have defined the craftsmanship of generations. The blade, a marvel in itself, is constructed from AISI 1095 High Carbon steel in the revered Maru style. A masterful touch was applied by hand—a clay layer, thin at the edge and thicker across the blade—ensuring a meticulous balance of hardness and strength. This ingenious technique creates a real hamon, a visual symphony that attests to the blade's unique journey of quenching and tempering.

   Every facet of this masterpiece has been polished to perfection using a range of sharpening stones, a testament to the artistry of Japanese craftsmanship. Devoid of a bo-hi, or fuller, this Katana's robust construction ensures the utmost strength and potency. The Chu Kissaki, or medium-length tip, serves as the culmination of this impeccable design.

   The Tsuba, exquisitely fashioned from brass in the form of a serpentine motif, both protects and embellishes the blade. The one-piece brass Habaki further enhances the sword's elegance, while copper Seppas ensure secure fitting.

   The Tsuka, or handle, is a symphony of comfort and aesthetics. Wrapped meticulously in coffee-colored synthetic silk Ito over white genuine Ray skin Samegawa, it exudes an aura of sophistication. Brass Fuchi and Kashira bring an air of regality to the handle, and the Full Tang is impeccably secured by twin Mekugi.

   The copper snake Menuki, each a testament to meticulous detailing, graces both sides of the Tsuka, adding an exquisite touch. The Saya, carved from natural hualee wood, provides a safe haven for the blade. A coffee synthetic Sage-O is artfully tied around the bright copper Kurigaga, while the Koiguchi and Kojiri, made from buffalo horn, stand as fine examples of artistry and functionality.

   This Katana is not merely a sword—it is a journey through history, an ode to precision, and a nod to artistry. Whether you're an iaido or kendo practitioner or simply an aficionado of exceptional craftsmanship, this Katana is the epitome of tradition and modernity, a work of art that bridges the past and the present.

   Embrace the legacy and majesty of Japanese sword-making with the Katana from Abkatana Forge—an embodiment of heritage, passion, and reverence.

Katana Size:
Over Length: 40.9"
Blade Length: 27.7"
Handle Length: 10.5"

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